Licensed and Marriage Family Therapist in CA # 92677 and AZ #15710

Sex Therapy

Currently Anjanette is studying “Integrative Sex and Couples Therapy”. She has just completed a training on “Innovative Clinical Interventions to Treat Relationship and Desire Issues in the New Era of Sexuality in Psychotherapy”.

Sex therapy is a type of relationship therapy that focuses specifically on sexual relationships, including but not limited to:

– sexual function

– sexual health

– sexual behaviors.

The purpose of sex therapy for couples is to aid couples in overcoming challenges delaying them from enjoying a healthy, pleasurable sex life. There are many possible benefits of sex therapy. Sex therapy offers a professional opportunity for couples to speak to and hear one another. Having moments for conversation during daily life can be challenging. A sex therapist can assist couples in processing conflicts and provide coping mechanisms and suggestions as they talk. The therapist can also provide worksheets, activity ideas, homework, and sexual education.

Many times couples sex therapy may enhance a couple’s sex life, regardless of the state of one’s mental health. However, stigma and discomfort may arise for many individuals when seeking this treatment despite the potential upsides. If you feel you may benefit from this type of therapy, please consult with Anjanette about your needs.