Licensed and Marriage Family Therapist in CA # 92677 and AZ #15710

Consulting and Presenting

Educate, Empower, Elevate

As she approaches her 30 year anniversary employed in mental and behavioral health, Anjanette Dennis is committed to preserving openings  on her calendar for consultation and presentation. She recognizes the ability to impact a broader demographic through group education and presentation. She is very passionate about providing communities and organizations with  education needed to elevate and empower them to effectuate their own positive change from within.  This passion began in graduate school while obtaining her MA in clinical psychology with a focus on community psychology.
The mission of Community Psychology is to positively influence a collective group to progress in the area of social justice through collaborative research and action. Community psychology extends its focus  beyond the individual client to the collective client. The community psychologist’s role is to educate, empower, and elevate a community’s ability to effectuate their own positive change from within.  Community psychologists do not impose changes on a community but rather listen to specific community’s needs, make space to understand and respect their cultural uniqueness, and help the community identify obstacles, and/or critical issues impairing positive growth and development.  The goal of a community psychologist is to educate, train, and elevate the specific community to use tools to create and maintain their own  healthy infrastructure through action. Long after the community psychologist leaves, the community will have learned to use their own tools, obtained  knowledge to access resources, and the ability to further integrate social, cultural, economic, political, environmental, and financial sustainability.  Additionally, the community will have the necessary skills to continue to  promote positive change, health, and growth at both individual and systemic levels. Community psychologists not only directly help the collective client but teach the collective client  how to continue to help themselves and thrive on their own.
In addition to studying and practicing community psychology, combined with a robust  career conducting regular group therapy sessions to both small and large groups the majority of her career, Anjanette Dennis is a very powerful and compelling speaker on mental and behavioral health topics. If you are interested in collaborating, consulting with, or having Ms. Dennis conduct an educational presentation of your organization, please email the office with your specific needs.